Art of Science Image Contest

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To showcase the artistic side of scientific imaging, BPS members attending the 2015 Annual Meeting may enter to win the Biophysical Society's Annual Art of Science Image Contest!

A panel of judges will select 10 images as finalists. The contest is open November 3rd - December 1st.  All submitters will be notified via email on or before January 6, 2015, with results.

The finalists’ posters will be on display in the Exhibit Hall at the Annual Meeting during normal exhibit hours for all to see, and attendees will vote on their favorite images. The three images with the most votes win! First place prize is $500 (US), second place winner will receive $300 (US), and the image in third place wins $200 (US). Winners will be announced at 4:00PM on Tuesday, February 10 in the Exhibit Hall.

Judging will be based on scientific significance, originality, and artistic and/or visual impact of the images. Images submitted for competition were obtained using any imaging technique, i.e. SEM, TEM, AFM/SPM, X-RAY, sub-resolution light microscopy F(PALM) and other, or obtained by combining multiple images into one artistic image. All images have a connection to biophysical research.



The Art of Science Image Contest is sponsored by Bruker Corporation. The awards are sponsored by Chroma Technology.

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Photo credit:
Matthieu Chavent, Flow Visualization at the Surface of a Lipid Vesicle Model
Graham Johnson, Dynein Motors along Microtubule Tracks
Ran Drori, Ice Crystals Growth in Microfluidics