Products Requested by Attendees

3-D Visualization Mathematical and Statistical Software
AFN Microscopes Micro Environmental Control
Amperometry/Voltammetry Instrumentation Microcalorimetry Systems
Amplifiers Microdissecting Instruments
Amphipols Microelectrde Holders
Analytical/Testing Services Microelectrodes
Antibodies Microinjectors
Antibody Microarray Products Micromanipulators
Atomic Force Microscopes Micropipette Pullers
Automated Temperature/Titration Filter Fluorometer Micropositioners
Automated Titrating Flurometer Microscope Accessories
Biochemical Reagants Microscope Drift Correction
Biochemicals Microscope Stages
Biotechnology  Microscopes
Cameras Microscopy Chambers
Cell Biology Products Microtomes
Cell Culture Apparatus Molecular Biology Products 
Cell Culture Media Molecular Modeling Tools 
Centrifuges Monochromators
Chemical Synthesis Nanopositioning Systems 
Chromatography  Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopes
Computational Chemistry Software  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 
Computational Clusters Software  Particle Product & Accessories
Computational Graphics Software  Particle Sizing 
Computed Tomography Scan Patch Clamp Instrumentation
Computers, hardware and software  Perfusions Stepper System 
Confocal Microscopes Perfusion Systems 
Curvettes Pharmaceutical Development Equipment 
Custom Synthesis Pharmaceutical Ingredients 
Crystallization Robots  Phospholipids 
Crystallization Utilities  Photometers 
Crystallography Photomicrographic Equipment 
Data Acquisition Piezo Scanning Stages
Data Analysis  Piezo Stages
Data Analysis Software  Pipetters
Detergent Perparative Chromatography
Digitcal to Analog Converters Probes 
Digitzers  Protein Binding Studies 
Dissecting Equipment Protein Expression 
Drug Discovery Protein NMR Systems 
Electrochemical Detectors  Protein Purification Systems
Electromechanical Instrumentation Protein Structure Data 
Electrophysiological Data Acquisition  Publications 
Electrophysiological Instruments Pumps 
Electropysiological Software Quartz Crystal Microbalance 
Environmental Chambers Recording Chambers 
Filter Wheels  Reagents 
Flash Lamps Rheometers/Viscometers 
Fluid Flow Chambers Scanning Probe Microscopes 
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy  Scientific CMOS Cameras 
Fluorescence Image Analysis Equipment Screening, High-Throughout 
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Sensors 
Fluorescence Spectrometers Shutters 
Fluorescence Systems Signal Transduction Reagents
Fluorescence Filters Solid State Lasers 
Fluorometers Spectrofluorometers 
Glass Capillary Tubing Spectrometers 
Image Acquisition Systems Spectrophotometer Light Sources
Image Analysis Systems Spectroscopy Accessories 
Image Analysis Software Stand Alone Stopped-Flow Unit
Image Analysis Stepper Technology
Image Analysis, High Resolution  Sterols 
Image Analyszers, FISH Applications  Stimulators
Image Analyszers, Radiometric Dyes Stimulus Isolators 
Image Intensifiers  Stopped Flows 
Image Stabilization Stopped-Flow Spectroscopy
Imaging Chambers Substrates 
Imaging, Spectral  Super Resolution Microscopy 
Imaging, Systems Surgical Instruments 
Incubators TCSPC Components 
Infrared Spectroscopy  Temperature Controllers 
Interferometers Tensionmeters 
Ion Channels Tissue Embedding Equipment/Media 
Isotope Labeled Compounds Tissue Processors 
Label Free Sensing Tissue Sectioners 
Labortatory Appartus & Equipment UV Spectroscopy 
Langmuir Troughs UV Transilluminators 
Lasers  Vibration Isolation Systems 
Life Sciences Video Microscopy Systems 
Light Sheet Microscopy Visible Spectroscopy 
Light Sources Voltage Clamp Instrument 
Lipids Water Baths/Accessories 
Liposome Preparation Equipment X-ray Diffraction Equipment 
Liquid Preparation Equipment X-ray Imaging Equipment
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Zeta Potential
Magnetic Stirrers  
 *Bold denotes new products for 2014  









































































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