New Products Requested by Attendees for 2014  

Antibodies Isotope Labeled Compounds
Antibody Microarray Products Label Free Sensing
Biochemical Reagents Lasers
Centrifuges Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Chemical Synthesis Molecular Biology Products
Computational Chemistry Software Mathematical and Statistical Software
Computational Clusters Software Molecular Biology Products
Computational Graphics Software Molecular Modeling Tools
Computed Tomography Scan Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Computers, hardware and software Preparative Chromatography
Curvettes Probes
Crystallization Robots Protein Expressions
Crystallization Utilities Protein NMR Systems
Crystallography Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Data Analysis Software Reagents
Detergent Solid State Lasers
Fluid Flow Chambers  Stopped Flows
Fluorescent Probes Substrates
Interferometers X-ray Diffraction Equipment
  X-ray Imaging Equipment


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