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The average weather of Dublin in October is 45-55 degrees fahrenheit. Some clouds or rain showers can be expected. For more weather information click here

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The Euro is the only currency that is officially recognized as legal tender in the Republic of Ireland. 

Attractions/ Food & Drink

GUINESS® Storehouse

Located in the heart of the St. James' Gate Brewery, the GUINESS® Storehouse has been home to the black stuff since 1759. The historical buildling is central to Dublin's and Ireland's heritage, and has been continually updated to create a blend of fascinating industrial tradition with a contemporary edge. The seven floors bring to life the rich heritage of GUINESS®, telling the story from its origins in St. Jame's Gate in Dublin to its growth as a global band, known all around the world. 

The Church Bar and Restaurant

No trip to the city centre is complete without a trip to the world famous and very unique The Church Bar and Restaurant. The beautifully restored former St. Mary's Church is one of Dublin's most popular bar/restaurant emporiums. Each year over 600,000 visitors come to appreciate the art, history, and architecture of this magnificent building. 

Experience Gaelic Games

Experience Gaelic Games (EGG) provides visitors with a unique interactive Irish culutral experience. The Experience offers visitors an opportunity to learn and practice the basic techniques and skills of Gaelis Games in a fun and interactive way and in a structured setting. 

Little Museum of Dublin

Dublin's newest museum tells the amazing story of the city in the 20th Century. Experience the warmth of a real Irish welcome in a beautiful Georgian townhouse on St Stephen's Green, right in the heart of Dublin. Relive the fascinating history of Dublin in the company of our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides. From the visit of Queen Victoria to the global success of U2, this handsome museum is full of amazing things to discover. 

National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery of Ireland was established by an Act of Parliament in 1854 and first opened its doors to the public in January 1864. Today the collection inclues over 2,500 paintings and some 10,000 other works in different media including watercolors, drawings, prints, and sculpture.

National Botanical Gardens of Ireland

The National Botanical Gardens, Glasnevin, were founded by the Royal Dublin Society in 1795. The Gardens, 19.5 hectares on the south bank of the Tolka, contain many attractive features including an arboretum, sensory garden, rock garden and burren area, large pond, extensive herbaceous borders, and annual display of decorative plants including a rare example of Victorian carpet bedding. 

National Library of Dublin

With over eight million items in its collection, the National Library of Ireland in Dublin City is home to the most comprehensive compilation of Irish documentary in the world. From music, periodicals and photographs to maps, manuscripts and genealogical material, the library offers and provides free access to an invaluable representation of Irish heritage. 

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