Permeation & Transport

Crina Nimigean, Weill Cornell Medical College, Subgroup Chair

Baltimore Symposium
March 5, 2011

1:30      Sergei Sukharev, University of Maryland
              Hydration properties of mechanosensitive channel pores: dewetting and                             stabilization of conductive states

2:05      Jing Li, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
              Formation of a leaky state and molecular mechanism of water co-transport in                   secondary transporters

2:30      Sergei Noskov, University of Calgary
              Molecular mechanisms of ion selectivity in membrane proteins: ion channels                   and transporters

3:05      Nicolas Reyes, Weill Cornell Medical College
              Substrate and inhibitor binding to a glutamate transporter homologue

3:30      Ming Zhou, Columbia University
              Ion selectivity and permeation in a potassium ion transporter

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