• The presentation room will be set theater style with a head table for two, a table microphone, a standing lectern with a podium microphone, and aisle microphones to take questions from the audience.

  • The room will have the following: data projector and appropriate size screen. 

  • If you plan to give a PowerPoint presentation, you must bring your own laptop, power supplies, and adaptors. We also suggest you bring a back-up of your presentation on a USB drive, in the case of any unforeseen technical issues.

  • Speakers are asked to arrive at the presentation room at least 20-30 minutes before the start of the session to ensure that you have the appropriate amount of time to hook up your laptop for your presentation.

  • Speakers sit in the front row of the session and approach the lectern in turns as the Chair of the session introduces each presentation. Speakers may share the chairperson’s table for discussion as space permits.

  • Speakers must adhere to their allotted time for speaking and answering questions, as a courtesy to other speakers and the audience.