Black in Biophysics

Sunday, February 11, 2024
10:45 AM - 12:45 PM 

The Biophysical Society (BPS) has been a change agent for members of groups historically underrepresented in the physical and life sciences, women, and international scientists. We serve all members and our efforts to mentor and promote the careers of rising scientists underscores our belief that diversity will be enhanced if we invest in the next generation.

In this President’s Symposium at the BPS Annual Meeting, we are taking the opportunity to highlight Black bipohysicists and honor Black History Month in the United States and elsewhere. At our Annual Meeting, BPS aims to foster inclusion and the momentum inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.The second installment of the President's Symposium on Black in Biophysics features four stars, including three early career scientists, selecte to attract a board, interdisciplinary audience from across our Society. We invite all attendees to learn about exciting new developments in biophysics and celebrate diversity of the biophysics community at this special symposium.


Christopher Barnes, Stanford University, USA
Exploring the Structural Basis of Antibody-Envelope Interactions and the
 Significance of Glycan Arrays in Epitope Recognition

Alisha Jones, New York University, USA
Long-Noncoding RNAS: Structure and Function

Sharonda LeBlanc, North Carolina State University, USA
Revealing Pathways of Ribosome Assembly and Viral Rna Processing

Henry Colecraft, Columbia University, USA
Of Ubiquitan, Ion Channels, and Diseases with Time-Resolved Fluorescence

Jerelle Joseph, Princeton University, USA
Aaron Streets, University of California, Berkeley, USA