BPS Annual Meeting Family Care Grant

Family Care Grants for up to $500 per family are available for BPS Annual Meeting attendees. The purpose of the grant is to provide families with flexible financial assistance that can be applied towards extra expenses incurred for dependent care during the meeting. Meetings and conferences play a significant role in the professional development of young and experienced scholars alike. Attending these events allows science professionals to enhance their research, forge new relationships with other scientists, bring awareness of their respective fields to others, and help inspire the next generation of students to pursue the field of biophysics. We hope these grants will reduce attendance-related barriers and increase participation within our diverse community. 

Click here to apply for the Family Care Grant

Expenses Allowed
Grants can be used to cover the following expenses (copies of receipts will be required):

  • Extra child/dependent care expenses incurred due to meeting attendance;
  • Caregiver travel expenses to attendee’s home; and 
  • Dependent travel to caregiver’s location outside of the attendee’s home community.

Expenses Not Allowed
Regular child/dependent care expenses that would have been incurred had the applicant not attended the meeting;

  • Travel or other expenses related to attendee’s participation in the meeting such as meeting registration, meals, housing, transportation costs, or other expenses the attendee would already be incurred by attending the meeting;
  • Tickets for entertainment (parks, museums, etc.); and,
  • Meals/Snacks.
    *BPS does not provide or recommend child care providers and does not assume responsibility or liability for child care services.

Grant Requirements & Eligibility
Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an active BPS member for 2022   
  • Register and attend the 2022 BPS Annual Meeting
  • Documentation and proof of expenses must be submitted after the Annual Meeting to receive reimbursement. Documentation and proof of expenses can be sent to Margaret Mainguy at [email protected]
    *Applications are limited to one per household.

Selecting Grants
If the number of requests for grants exceeds the funding, preference will be given to applicants in the early stages of their careers.

Changes in Circumstances
If, between the time of submitting your application and the dates of the meeting, your needs for the grant changes, you must contact BPS. Funding eligibility may change based on your circumstances.

Misrepresentation of Need
BPS reserves the right to deny funds to applicants who misrepresent their funding needs.

Distribution of grant monies will be provided to awardees after the Annual Meeting when all appropriate receipts and documentation related to dependent care expenses have been submitted to BPS.