Permeation & Transport Bylaws

Article I
Subgroup Name and Purpose
The Permeation/Transport Subgroup, referred to hereafter as the Subgroup, will foster study of and communication about the biophysical mechanisms of permeation and transport of small molecules and biopolymers through cell membranes.

Article II
Membership and Dues
Definitions: A Subgroup member is any member of the Biophysical Society who submits his/her name to the Biophysical Society or Subgroup Secretary-Treasurer. A voting Subgroup member is any Subgroup member who has paid the annual Subgroup dues for that year, either to the Biophysical Society or to the Subgroup Secretary-Treasurer. Only voting members can hold office in the Subgroup.

Dues: Dues may be assessed annually. Membership dues will be $15 per year.

Article III
Structure and terms: The Subgroup will have a chair, co-chair, and a secretary-treasurer. A new treasurer will be elected every second year following that year's annual Subgroup meeting. Upon election of a new treasurer, the previous treasurer will automatically become the co-chair and the previous co-chair will become the new chair. Thus each Subgroup leader will serve for two years in each leadership position. The retiring chair will be ineligible for re-election (as secretary-treasurer) for two years.

Duties and authority: The chair will be primarily responsible for the meeting program and decisions concerning expenditure of dues, which may be used to cover administrative expenses and to reimburse part or all of the travel expenses of invited speakers.

The co-chair will assist the chair as needed in planning the meeting program, and communicating with the Society concerning meeting plans and public communications (flyers, announcements, newsletter reports, etc.).

The secretary-treasurer will work with the Society to manage the collection of dues, financial accounting, payment of bills, and maintenance of the membership roster, including the maintenance of an email list containing all interested members.

Article IV
Meetings will consist of a program consisting of one or more formal research presentations each year followed by a brief business meeting for elections, accounting of dues, etc. Invitations to speakers will be directed by the chair after deliberation with the vice-chair and secretary-treasurer.

Article V
Elections and Other Votes
Elections and other votes will be done either during the annual business meeting of the subgroup, or through electronic voting (email, surveys, etc.) at any other time. New officers (after the first year, just a new secretary-treasurer) will be elected by nominations from the members and vote by voting members. A simple plurality will be sufficient to win an election. No quorum will be necessary for elections or other votes concerning group business. Other votes concerning group business, including amendments to these By-Laws, will be decided by a simple majority of the voting members.

Article VI
Other Functions of the Subgroup
The Subgroup may sponsor network symposia, email server, website, or other projects to facilitate communication between subgroup members.