Membrane Biophysics Bylaws

Article 1
Name: The name of this Group is the Membrane Biophysics Group.

Article 2
Objective: The objective of this Group is to promote the interchange of information about membranes between members of the Group and others interested in membranes, and to foster the advance of knowledge about membranes.

Article 3
Membership: A Group member is any Society member who submits his name to the Secretary-Treasurer and who has paid his dues for the current year.

Affiliates: An Affiliate is a non-member of the Society who submits his name to the Secretary-Treasurer and who has paid his dues for the current year. Affiliates will receive mailings to the Group and such other services or activities as may be made available to members. Affiliates may not vote or hold office.

Article 4
Dues: Dues may be assessed to cover the necessary expenses related to operation of the Group. The amount and means of collection are described in Article 12.

Article 5
Operation: The Group will be operated by the Group Chair, an Advisory Committee consisting of four members, and a Secretary-Treasurer.

Duties of the Group Chair are to organize and conduct Group Meetings, to advise the Biophysical Society of the activities and needs of the group, to advise the Society on matters related to membranes, and any other activities the Chair deems to be beneficial to the group and to the Society.
Duties of the Advisory Committee are to advise the Group Chair on the organization of Group meetings, and other matters of interest to the Group and to make nominations for their successors and for the group Chair.

The Secretary-Treasurer will maintain adequate records of membership and finances, and carry on necessary correspondence. The Secretary-Treasurer is an ex-officio member of the Advisory Committee.

Article 6
Term of Office: The Group Chair and members of the Advisory Committee will serve for one year. There is no fixed term of office for the Secretary-Treasurer.

Article 7
Eligibility for Office: Only members can be candidates. The Group Chair and Advisory Committee members are ineligible for re-election for one year.

Article 8
Elections: It is the intent of the Group that the Chairship shall be rotated so as to fairly represent the different specialties within the membership.

The new Chair shall be elected from a list of nominees composed of a nominee made by the retiring Chair and any other persons nominated by at least five members. The Secretary-Treasurer shall solicit nominations from the membership no less than thirty days prior to the election.

The Advisory Committee shall be selected by the Chair from nominations made by members. It is the duty of the Chair to select Advisory Committee members who represent the whole range of interests of the Group.

Article 9
Meetings: There shall be at least one meeting per year: The Annual Meeting at the time designated for Group meetings by the Council of the Biophysical Society.

Elections must be held at the Annual Meeting. Other business may be transacted by the Group at the Annual Meeting. A minimum of thirty days notice of the Annual Meeting such as publication in the Biophysical Society or Group Newsletters must be given.

Article 10
The members attending an Annual Meeting can transact Group business by a simple majority vote.

Article 11
Amendments to the By-Laws: These By-Laws can be amended by a majority of members responding to a mail ballot.

Proposals for new or amended By-Laws shall be submitted to the Secretary- Treasurer for consideration at the Annual Meeting. Proposed amendments to the By-Laws may be placed on a mail ballot by a majority vote at the Annual Meeting or at the discretion of the Chair.

Article 12
Dues: Dues are $20.00 per year.

Dues shall be collected from Group members by the Biophysical Society. Affiliates will be billed for dues directly by the Secretary-Treasurer.

Article 13
Expenditures: Any monies available to the Group may be expended by the Group Chair for the four following purposes:

1. For direct expenses connected with the operation of the Group.
2. To cover all or part of the expenses of persons invited to speak at the annual group meeting.
3. To fund the Kenneth S. Cole Award.
4. The Secretary-Treasurer may expend monies to cover the direct expenses associated with the office.

Article 14
The Kenneth S. Cole Award

It is the policy and intent of the Membrane Biophysics Group to make an award annually to some investigator who has made a substantial contribution to knowledge of membranes.

The Award shall consist of a medal and a scroll or other appropriate symbols of the Award and such monies as are available to the Group.

The money to support this Award shall come from dues, voluntary contributions from members of the Membrane Biophysics Group and any other sources which may become available.

The recipient of the Award will be selected by the immediate past Group Chair with the concurrence of the Chair and Advisory Committee. Nominations may be made by any Group member. The only restrictions on the recipient are that he cannot be the immediate past Group Chair, the Group Chair, a member of the Advisory Committee, and shall not have previously received the Award. Nominations must contain a reasoned statement, adequately documented, of the qualifications of the nominee. The Selection Committee, each year, shall establish its own criteria for selection.

Nominations must be made before November 1 of each year.

The Award should be presented by the immediate past Group Chair or his designate at the Annual Group Meeting.

The Award need not be given if a suitable candidate is not found.