Instructions for Employers

To Get Started:

1. Go to
2. Under Employer/ Recruiters select Create Employer Account
3. If you already have an account login as an Existing User
If you do not have an account please fill in the required information
4. From the My Account page click on the Post Job link
5. Under type of Job Posting click either Member or Non-Members Posting for 30 or 60 days. (To get member rates you must be a current member of the Biophysical Society.)
6. Input all the details about the job.
7. Click Preview to see how applicants will view your Job Posting
8. If you are satisfied, click Post
9. Review your final order
10. Select Complete Order

To View Resumes Online:

1. Click Search Resumes. You will be asked to login as an existing user using your email address and password.
2. You will be able to Search for the perfect candidate by using keywords (i.e Post-doc, membranes), locations or both.
3. Click on any of the blue names to view the resume of the applicant
4. If you like the applicant then click Add to Resume Cart
5. To access your Resume Cart click the Resume Cart Button or the yellow tab at the top of the page
6. From the Resume Cart page you can chose to contact the applicant by checking the person(s) you want to contact about your job opening. Click Contact Checked Candidates to initiate the email
7. Fill in the required fields about your job opening and hit Complete Order. The Applicant will have the option after receiving the email whether or not to release their identity and contact information to you.
8. You will only pay the $10.00 member/$35. 00 non-member fee fee if the candidate is interested in your job opening

To Change Your Contact Information:

1. From your My Account Home page click Edit Account Settings
2. Enter the any changes to your name or contact information.
3. In the yellow box enter your password
4. Click Update Account

To Change Your Password:

1. From your Career Account Home page click Edit Account Settings
2. Under Security Information enter your new password or
3. In the yellow box enter your new password.
4. In the yellow box enter your old password
5. Click Update Account