The Biophysical Society has secured a housing block across several hotels in San Diego.  As a meeting attendee, it is important for you to book your hotel room in the BPS housing block to guarantee the best accommodations and most competitive nightly rates, especially in the event of overbooking or construction. Convention Housing Partners is the official housing bureau of the Biophysical Society. Discounted rates are guaranteed (subject to availability) until the cut-off of January 23, 2020, 3:00 PM PT (Pacific Time - USA).

Filling a room block is important to the Society because it provides a "report card" on the Society's meeting sites.  By establishing a history of always filling the room block, the Society is able to secure both competitive room rates and larger blocks in subsequent years. 

To book your room, please go to or call our toll free reservation line at 800-274-9481.

Group Reservations

To reserve or block eight or more rooms, please call our BPS group reservations line at 800-274-9481 or email [email protected].

Hotel Changes and Cancellation Policy

Before 3:00 PM (Pacific Time -USA)  January 20, 2020, all hotel changes and cancellations must be made with the BPS Official Housing Bureau, Convention Housing Partners. After January 20, 2020, cancellations or changes must be made with the hotel directly. A cancellation penalty fee may be assessed. Penalties for early departures are enforced and vary by hotel. Rooms are subject to availability. Convention Housing Partners will never ask you to prepay for rooms or ask for a deposit payable to anyone other than the chosen hotel of the attendee.

All hotel rates are based upon room occupancy and are per room/per night charges, not per person. All rates are subject to state, local, and occupancy taxes. Convention Housing Partners is the official housing bureau of the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting. The following hotels are confirmed in the BPS Housing Block:

Convention Housing Partners is the official housing bureau of the Biophysical Society. You will never be asked to prepay for hotel rooms or asked for a deposit payable to anyone other than your chosen hotel.

Avoid Hotel Pirating

CHP housing is the only housing company affiliated with the Biophysical Society 64th Annual Meeting. You will not receive any notifications via email, phone, or fax regarding your housing from any other company. Entering financial agreements with non-endorsed companies could result in financial charges with no guarantee of a room when you arrive in San Diego. Please do not provide any personal information to companies other than CHP housing or the Biophysical Society regarding your housing in San Diego, as these companies may be "pirates."