General RulesAbstract FAQ  

  • The early abstract submission handling fee is $75 and is non-refundable.
  • All early abstracts must represent scientific research that cannot be perceived as marketing a specific company or product.
  • Authors submitting abstracts are responsible for ensuring that all authors listed on the abstract have been notified of the submission.
  • Each abstract will be reviewed by the 2025 Program Committee, and decisions to accept or reject abstracts rest with this committee.
  • Early abstracts will be programmed each day of the meeting and grouped by topic. The scheduling of abstracts by the Program Committee is final and authors must be prepared to present their work as programmed.
  • There is a limit of 300 words for the title and body text of your abstract submission.
  • No graphics will be accepted in the submission of abstracts.
  • Abstracts are not peer-reviewed, but they are citable. Abstracts will be published online ONLY prior to the meeting and published as supplement to the Biophysical Journal
  • Please ensure all special characters and formatting display correctly.



  • All abstract submissions require a sponsor
  • Sponsors must be a Regular, Early Career, or Emeritus member with 2025 dues paid. They can sponsor their own abstract or someone else's.
  • Members may sponsor up to two abstracts if one is in the Biophysics Education category. Abstracts submitted to the Biophysics Education category will also be reviewed in an appropriate scientific abstract category determined by the program committee for platform presentation consideration.
  • Student members, with 2025 dues paid, cannot sponsor someone else's abstract. 
  • Nonmembers may submit an abstract, but must have a 2025 BPS Regular, Early Career, or Emeritus member who is not submitting their own abstract sponsor the nonmember abstract. Alternatively, they may join the Society at the time of submission.

Presentation Preference - for early abstract submissions only

Please read below for  presentation options BEFORE moving forward with your abstract submission.

I. "Symp Select"  and "Workshop Select" Speaker
One additional speaker will be added to each symposium as a "Symp Select" speaker and to each workshop as a "Workshop Select" speaker. If you are a principal investigator, you will have the option of choosing "Symp Select" or "Workshop Select" from the list of sessions when submitting your abstract. "Symp Select" and "Workshop Select" speakers will have 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A. 

To ensure diversity in the scientific program, "Symp Select" and "Workshop Select" speakers are precluded from speaking in a symposium, workshop, or Subgroup symposium for the next two annual meetings.

II. Platform Presenters can also Present a Poster

Platform presentations will be chosen from among the abstracts submitted that have indicated an interest in being considered for a platform session. Platform sessions are competitive due to demand and space limitations, only 30% of those requesting a speaking slot are selected for platform session presentations. The Program Committee will select seven abstracts to be presented per platform session in addition to three "flash talks". Abstracts accepted for platform presentations will be organized into parallel sessions, running concurrently with symposia, Sunday - Wednesday. The seven speakers in these sessions will each be allotted 15 minutes for presentation. Abstracts not selected for platform presentation will be considered for a "flash talk" and whether or not selected for a "flash talk", scheduled in a poster session.

If you select a platform presentation option and are programmed as a platform talk, you can also select the option to present this work as a poster. This will allow for further discussion and feedback from attendees. Should you choose to present a poster, please be advised that BPS cannot guarantee the order in which the platform talk and poster presentation will occur.

To ensure diversity in the scientific program, presenters who have spoken in a platform session at the previous Annual Meeting will not be selected to speak in a platform session during the current year..

III. Five-Minute Flash Talks
Each platform will have seven Platform talk with three "flash talks" (5 minutes each). "Flash talks" will be scheduled in the last speaking slot, and "Flash talk" presenters must also present this work in a poster session. If you are selected for a "flash talk", please be advised that BPS cannot guarantee the order in which the "flash talk" and poster presentation will occur.

IV. Poster only
More than 600 posters will be scheduled each day of the meeting.

Revisions and Withdrawals

Withdrawals and revisions of early abstracts must be submitted by Wednesday, October 4, 2024, 11:59 PM, USA Eastern. 

Withdrawals and revisions of late abstracts must be submitted by Thursday, January 7, 2025, 11:59 PM, USA Eastern. 

To make revisions to your abstract:

  • Log into your myBPS account and return to the Annual Meeting abstract submission page. Click on the control number of the abstract you wish to edit. 
  • Select the appropriate section on the left-hand margin to return to that portion of the submission site. In order to complete the section and save any changes, you must click the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom of the section. You will be directed to the “Review My Work” section. 
  • If all sections have a blue check mark  a message will appear that states, “This submission is complete.” Any abstract marked “Incomplete” will not be considered for programming until it has a “Complete” status.

Requests for abstract withdrawal must be received in writing by the Biophysical Society, 5515 Security Lane, Suite 1110, Rockville, MD 20852; or via email from the presenting author’s email address: [email protected]. Include the presenting author's full name and abstract number. The abstract submission handling fee is non-refundable.


The Biophysical Society Office will email early abstract scheduling notices to Presenting Authors only in late November 2024. 

The Biophysical Society Office will email late abstract scheduling notice to Presenting Authors only in mid January 2025. 

If you have not received your programming notice, please contact [email protected]

It is important that a valid and current email address for the Presenting Author be entered during the abstract submission process. Once an abstract is received by the Biophysical Society all subsequent notifications will be sent to the Presenting Author via email. Notifications will not be sent to the other authors. The Presenting Author holds the responsibility of notifying all authors on the abstract of the scheduling.