Drug Discovery for Ion Channels XXI

Friday, February 19, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center


Criteria for holding a Satellite Meeting

The following criteria must be met before a satellite meeting may be approved and advertised as a satellite meeting of the Biophysical Society Annual Meetings:

  • Proposals must be received by the Society prior to the cut-off date (9/30/20). Organizer(s) must be a member of the Society and proposals must be co-signed by nine current other Society members. Proposals will them be submitted to the Program Chair for review and approval.
  • Proposals must include the meeting title and list of speakers and their affiliations. Any proposals received that do not include this information will not be submitted to the Program Chair for review and approval.
  • Organizer(s) are responsible for payment of all costs associated with running the meeting. These costs include, but not limited to: food and beverage, audio/visual, and sound expenses.
  • Meeting organizer(s) must pay a $2,600 fee to the Society, unless the organizers' company is exhibiting at the Annual Meeting.
  • The Society Office will handle registration, which will be $150 per registrant (early) and $200 per registrant (on-site), and will staff the on-site badge and registration process. Also, the Society will provide signage and program handouts, based on information provided by the organizer(s).
  • Meeting organizer(s) may not use the Biophysical Society name or logo in promotional materials.
  • Abstracts accepted for presentations at the Society Annual Meeting are allowed to be presented at the satellite meetings. The cost of poster boards ordered will be invoiced back to the organizer(s).

Please submit proposals to the Society Office at [email protected].