Future of Biophysics Speakers

Monday, March 4, 2019
10:45 AM - 12:45 PM


The Future of Biophysics Symposium is one of the highlights of the Annual Symposium, showcasing  some of the prodigious talent among our young biophysicists. The speakers are from different areas using a variety of approaches, emphasizing the broad range of interests and the depth of creativity and innovation in our Society. These scientists, and many more we wish we could have chosen, represent the future of Biophysics.Susan Marqusee and Andre Sali, Program Co-Chairs



Susan Marqusee, University of California, Berkeley, Co-chair
Andrej Sali, University of California, San Francisco, Co-Chair

Esther Braselmann, University of Colorado, Boulder
Live Cell Imaging of RNA Dynamics in Mammalian Cells using Riboglow, a Riboswitch-Based Fluorescence Tagging Platform

Otger Campas, University of California, Santa Barbara
Sculpting Embryos via Controlled Fluid-to-Solid Tissue Transitions

Joshua Levitz, Weill Cornell Medical College
Optical Dissection of Class C GPCR Assembly, Activation, and Signaling Mechanisms

Kate White, University of Southern California
Mesoscale Architecture of β-cells Upon Stimulation with Glucose and Ex-4