Below you will find pertinent information to assist you in preparing and presenting at the 2019 BPS Annual Meeting in Baltimore.  Any questions are welcome at [email protected].

Symposia/Workshop/Platform Speakers

The Speaker Ready Room, located in the Baltimore Convention Center, is available for all speakers to review their material prior to their scheduled presentation time slot.   Audiovisual technicians will be available during the hours listed below to answer any questions.

Saturday – Tuesday    8:00AM–6:30PM
Wednesday                   8:00AM–3:00PM

All presentation rooms for Symposia, Workshops, and Platforms will be set theater style with a head table for two, a table microphone, a standing lighted lectern with a podium microphone, and aisle microphones to take questions from the audience.

  • Each room will have the following: data projector, appropriate size screen, and a laser pointer. An audiovisual technician will be provided in the session room during your presentation. 
  • If you plan to give a Power Point presentation, you must bring your own laptop, power supplies, and adaptors. We also suggest you bring a back-up of your presentation on a USB drive, in the case of any unforeseen problems.
  • If you require additional audiovisual equipment, contact the Meetings Department at [email protected] with your needs. All additional projection equipment must be pre-approved by the Biophysical Society.
  • Speakers are asked to arrive at the assigned presentation room at least 20-30 minutes before the start of the session to ensure that the audiovisual technician has the appropriate amount of time to connect your laptop for your presentation.
  • Speakers sit in the front row of the session and approach the lectern in turns as the Chair of the session introduces each presentation. Speakers may share the chairperson’s table for discussion as space permits.
  • Speakers must adhere to their allotted time for speaking and answering questions, as a courtesy to other speakers and the audience. Symposia and workshop speakers are allotted 30 minutes for presentation and discussion, platform speakers are allotted 15 minutes for presentation and discussion.

Poster Presenters

All poster presentations will take place in the Exhibit Hall. The Exhibit Hall will open every morning at 8:00 AM and will remain open for poster viewing until 10:00 PM each night, except for Tuesday, when it will close at 4:30 PM for safety purposes during exhibit tear down.

Posters should be mounted according to the schedule below:

Poster Presentation Date Poster Mounting Date/Time Poster Removal Date/Time
Sunday Saturday 6:00 PM Sunday 5:30 PM
Monday Sunday 6:00 PM Monday 5:30 PM
Tuesday Monday 6:00 PM Tuesday 4:30 PM
Wednesday Wednesday 7:00 AM Wednesday 3:00 PM

On the day of presentation, Sunday-Tuesday, presenting authors with odd-numbered poster boards should present from 1:45-2:45 PM and those with even-numbered poster boards should present from 2:45-3:45 PM. On Wednesday, presenting authors with odd-numbered poster boards should present from 10:30-11:30 AM and those with even-numbered poster boards should present from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM.  

  • Each poster board is 6’ wide x 4’ high. Plan your exhibit to fit this space. Typeface should be large enough to be read comfortably by interested attendees from distances of 4-5 feet (1.5 m).
  • Illustrations should be made in advance of the meeting. Matte finish on micrographs and other photographic reproductions provides better visibility due to reduction of glare from lights.
  • Display a copy of your abstract. You may also tack several copies of your abstract to the poster board to give to viewers.
  • Authors are expected to bring their own pushpins, thumbtacks, or velcro for mounting poster materials.

Example of a poster presentation set:

Posters Printed and Ready for Onsite Pick Up 

* Interested in Poster printing? Click here for more information

The Biophysical Society is happy to connect you to a poster printing service once again for this year's meeting. We have partnered with Tray, Inc. to provide posters, ready for pick-up, onsite at the Baltimore Convention Center. This will ensure that your poster will arrive safely at the meeting without struggling through airport security, or take the chance that it will get lost during your travels as a checked item. Plus, you can take advantage of our pre-negotiated volume discount pricing.

Poster Pick Up Schedule at Baltimore Convention Center

Saturday, March 2                                   4:00 PM–7:00 PM
Sunday–Tuesday, March 3–5               9:00 AM–11:00 AM and 1:00 PM–4:00 PM
No Wednesday pickup