Conference Bags$10,000 (exclusive)

The official conference bag sponsor gains unmatched attention at the Annual Meeting and beyond with a huge branding opportunity that nearly every attendee will carry with them wherever they go.

  • Company logo (single color) imprinted on each bag distributed to all registered attendees
  • Complimentary conference bag insert (sponsor assumes cost of literature including production and shipping, subject to BPS approval)
  • Complimentary (1) additional scientific badge
  • Highlighted booth on online floor plan (mobile app)

Lanyards$9,000 (exclusive)

Creates constant visibility for your company as attendees make their way through the Annual Meeting.

  • Company logo (single color) imprinted on each lanyard distributed to all registered attendees
  • Highlighted booth on online floor plan (mobile app)

Badge Sponsor$6,000 (exclusive)

We don’t enforce a strict dress code at the Annual Meeting, but all attendees are required to wear a badge. Give your company the opportunity to be seen by every attendee.

  • Company logo and booth number printed on all badge stock
  • Highlighted booth on online floor plan (mobile app)

Pens$6,000 (exclusive)

Put your brand in the hands of more than 6,000 attendees with this sponsorship. Pens are placed in each conference bag, in the Registration area, Society Booth, Exhibit Hall entrance, and throughout the year at BPS events.

  • Company logo printed on all pens
  • Highlighted booth on online floor plan (mobile app)

Exhibitor Presentations $1,750 (33 opportunities) 11 SOLD

Exhibitor Presentations have proven to be successful vehicles for exhibitors to showcase their technologies and products to a dedicated audience in an intimate setting. Whether you are looking to showcase new products and services, highlight your technology, generate sales leads, or increase booth traffic, these 90-minute presentation slots are a valuable marketing tool that can help you maximize your return on investment. Place your literature and giveaways on a table outside the presentation room.

  • Exclusive time slot to promote your company, products, services, and technologies
  • Complimentary meeting room and audio visual equipment
  • Dedicated onsite signage outside presentation room
  • Complimentary tweet 15 minutes prior to presentation
  • Discounted mobile alert opportunity exclusively for companies who hold presentations 

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