Instructions for Job Applicants

To Get Started:

1. Click on the Job Board link from the Biophysical Society website or go to
2. Under Job Seekers select Create Job Seeker Account
3. If you already have an account login as an Existing User
4. If you do not have an account please fill in the required information

To Post A Resume:

1. From the Career Account page click Update My Resume
2. Click on the blue links in the right hand corner of each gray box to fill in the information about yourself
3. After entering your information click Update to return back to the resume page

*Please note that you will be listed as Anonymous to Employers until you agree to give them your contact information.

To Search For Jobs:

1. From your Career Account Page click Search Jobs
2. Click on one of the gray tabs across the top of the page to search by Keyword, Location or Job Type
3. To view the details of the job click on the Job Name (Bold Font)
4. From this area you can Save the Job (under your login), Email the Job, Print the Job or Apply For Job
5. If you select Apply For Job then you will need to fill in the box for your Cover Letter and then chose to Send your Career Profile (info. Entered in site) or to include a new text resume. Then select Submit Application

To Create A Job Alert:

(Job Alert sends emails to you to notify you when a job has been posted that matches your job preferences listed)

1. From your Career Account Page click Create Job Alert
2. Fill in the box labeled Alert Name (ex. Post Doc Job in MD)
3. In the Expires box select the amount of days you want the Job Alert to run for from the drop-down list.
4. Under Send Matches select Daily or Weekly to set how often you want to be notified by email.
5. Under the preference listed make the selections that best fit the type of job you are looking for.
6. Click Create Job Alert
7. The Job Alert will now be listed at the top of the page. You can Update, Stop the email from being sent or delete the Alert from here.

To Change Your Contact Information:

1. From your Career Account Home page click Edit Account Settings
2. Enter the any changes to your name or contact information.
3. In the yellow box enter your password
4. Click Update Account

To Change Your Password:

1. From your Career Account Home page click Edit Account Settings
2. Under Security Information enter your new password or
3. In the yellow box enter your new password.
4. In the yellow box enter your old password
5. Click Update Account