Molecular Biophysics Bylaws

Article 1
Name: The name of this Group is the Biopolymer Group.

Article 2
Objective: The objective of the Group is to provide a forum for the dissemination of information in the area of biopolymers.

Article 3
Membership: The Group shall consist of members and voting members.

A member is any person who shows an interest in biopolymers by attending a Group meeting, submitting his name to the Group chairman, or other affirmative action. A voting member is any person who is both a member of the Group and of the Biophysical Society in good standing.

Article 4
Dues: Dues may be assessed to cover the necessary expenses related to operation of the Group. The amount and means of collection must be specified by a by-law adopted by the Group.

Article 5
Operation: The Group will be operated by the Group Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and three advisory committee members. Duties of the Group Chairman are to organize and conduct group meetings, to advise the Biophysical Society of the activity and needs of the Group and to carry on any other activities which the chairman deems to be beneficial to the Group and to the Society.

Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer shall include the keeping of adequate records of membership and working with the chairman on organizational and financial matters relating to the Group.

Duties of the Advisory Committee are to advise the Group Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer on the organization of group meetings and to make nominations for their successors. Nominations may originate with any voting member but will be made via the Advisory Committee.

Article 6
Term of Office: The Group Chairman will serve for one year and will be eligible for re-election after vacating the office for one year. The Secretary/Treasurer and members of the advisory committee may be re-elected on an annual basis.

Article 7
Eligibility for Office: Only voting members can be candidates for office in the Group.

Article 8
Elections: Elections shall be held at a business session of the annual group meeting. Only voting members are eligible to vote in elections.

Article 9
Meetings: There shall be at least one meeting per year, the annual meeting at the time designated for group meetings by the Council of the Biophysical Society. Elections must be held at the annual meeting. Other business may be transacted by the Group at the Annual Meeting. Adequate written notice of the annual meeting such as publications in the Newsletter must be given.

Article 10
Quorum: There will be no quorum. The voting members attending an Annual Meeting can transact Group business by a simple majority vote.

Article 11
Amendments to the By-laws: These By-laws can be amended by a simple majority of all voting members present at a regular meeting or by a majority of voting members responding to a mail ballot.