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A Biophysicist in the Kitchen

Córdoba, Argentina
School of Chemical Sciences Ciudad Universitaria, Haya de la Torre y Medina Allende, X5000HUA Córdoba, Argentina

The activity is presented as a gallery of stands where each one develops a fundamental concept of Biophysics, approached with several examples of common life in the kitchen. Reflective questions will be proposed about the biophysical properties of food and the processes that they experience in the kitchen and the knowledge or popular intuition will be compared with the scientific concepts of the discipline. (Translated)

La actividad se plantea como una galería de stands donde se desarrolle en cada uno un concepto fundamental de la Biofísica, abordados con varios ejemplos de la vida común en la cocina. Se propondrán preguntas reflexivas sobre las propiedades biofísicas de los alimentos y de los procesos que experimentan en la cocina y se cotejará el conocimiento o intuición popular con los conceptos científicos de la disciplina. (Original) 

A Lecture on Basics of Biophysics

New Dehli, India
Girls Senior Secondary School New Dehli, India

Interactive session with school students of higher classes will be organised exploring various aspects of biophysics with basics.

Biophysical Innovations The Solution to Current Challenges in Africa and the World

Kakamega, Kenya

Biophysics is the least exploited and emphasized field of study in Kenya and Africa as a whole. It is on this basis that we would like to make maximum use of the 2019 Biophysics week to reach out to potential Biophysical scholars in Kenya who are still at the university and high school. Lack of exposure and mentorship has been the cause of thwarted dreams among youths or misplacement of the scholars in fields. Achievements in Biophysics will be highlighted in the most interesting way possible. These activities are seen as an inspiration and a boost to enrolment in the new biophysics curriculum (Bsc. Biophysics) which is to be introduced in a number of universities which are members of the Biophysical Society Kenya chapter (BPS (K))in the year 2019. The Biophysicists will use this opportunity to share experiences, network, bond and disseminate their skills and knowledge to youthful scholars and peers. The occasion shall involve planery presentations, nature walk in Kakamega Forest in which Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) is located, High school Community Outreach in Mbale Boys High School, discussions and shows. Successes exhibited internationally will be shared. Finally, the attendees will be exposed to the importance of being members of the Biophysical Society and Biophysical Society (Kenya). This will also boost enrolment. The event will involve and not limited to Universities and schools around Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST).

Cellular Membrane: Modern Biophysic Activities for High Schoolers

Chiavari, Italy
High School Marconi, Chiavari, Italy

Innovative Interactive seminary about modern aspects of cellular membrane.

CIPCB Biohackathon

Mexico City, Mexico
Cerro del Agua 274, Copilco Universidad, 04360 Coyoacan, CDMX, Mexico

CIPCB Biohackathon is a one-week event related to Molecular Biophysics and Computational Biology. The goal is the development of an open-source infrastructure for biological data integration and analysis in order to accelerate scientific innovation focusing on protein modification for industrial applications

Hatay Mustafa Kemal University- Biophysical Society 1st Biophysics Week

Antakya/Hatay, Turkey
Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Ataturk Conference Hall, Tayfur Sokmen Campus (31060) Alahan-Antakya/Hatay/TURKEY

Presentation: What is Biophysics? by Semire Uzun Gocmen

IBB Biophysics Week 2019 (IBW2019), Biophysical approaches to address regional problems across Iran

Tehran, Iran
Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Tehran

“IBB Biophysics Week 2019 (IBW2019), Biophysical approaches to address regional problems across Iran, March 25–29, 2019” The World Biophysics Week 2019 (March 25–29), coincides with the Iranian New Year academic holiday (21 March- 5 April), when most of the academics and students leave their institutions for their home towns. Accordingly, we are going to use this opportunity to identify biophysical related problems in different cities and regions of Iran, gather the required data and information, and to make a list of responsible officials in charge as well as the local graduates and ordinary people who can participate in defining and implementing possible solution. During the IBW2019, when non-academic governmental offices are reopened, the involved member of academics and students of IBB, will communicate with the corresponding people, arrange meetings, give talks, discuss the matter and form local network of people, organizations and identify possible sources of expertise and funds to conduct the survey and implement the approved solution. The group will try to arrange talks and meetings podcast through Internet so that the interested members of IBB and other institution enjoy remote participation. Furthermore, they will produce a report at the end of the IBW2019 event. Each day of the IBW2019 will be named after the most significant activity of that day. The reports will be distributed through the IBB network. The collected reports will be discussed at IBB once the academic activities was started in the New Year and form the basis for the ongoing research activities and might be considered as the project to be conducted through MSc or PhD thesis in Biophysics.

JHU Science Policy Poster Session

Baltimore, Maryland
City Hall Curran Room 100 Holliday Street Baltimore, MD 21202

Please join us in attending the first Johns Hopkins Science Policy Group Poster Session. The goal of this event is to encourage lawmakers to consider science based policy and inform them about research being conducted at Hopkins and UMD. This is an event that gives early scientists and lawmakers the ability to come together and exchange ideas. The format of the event will be 15 scientists presenting their posters in a one-on-one style with lawmakers and interested members of the public. There will be light refreshment and horderves!

Modelling the biological effects of radiation: from Earth studies to space and planetary exploration

Villeneuve d'Ascq, France
IEMN University of Lille

A 1-day focus meeting dedicated to the modelling and simulation of radiation damage and its effects on human health in space travel.

Mustafa Kemal University Biophysics Week

Alahan, Turkey
Mustafa Kemal Universitesi, Konferans Salonu Alahan, Turkey

We are planning to organize an International Symphosium named "Mustafa Kemal University 1st Biophysics Week", in Biophysics Week at 28th-30th March 2019 at Mustafa Kemal University Conference Hall in Antakya HATAY-TURKIYE by inviting -3- International and -3-National scientist as speakers. 28 th March starts 08.30 ; Openings speakings, 09:15-12:00 -3- Conferences by invited international and national scientsits. 12:00-13:30 Lunch, 13:30-17:30 Excursion to Mustafa Kemal University Campus and Divisions. 17:30- 19:00 Dinner. 29th March 09:15-12:00 -3- Conferences by invited international and national scientsits. 12:00-13:30 Lunch, 13:30-14:30 conference by hosted scientist 14:30-15:30 discussions and brainstromings, 15:30-17:30 Excursion to Mustafa Kemal University Medical Faculty and Hospital, 30th March 08.00-17.30 all day trip to Antakya and surroundings-including breakfast-lunch-dinner in inspired historical and touristic places.