To help BPS members secure research funding and opportunities, the Society maintains a list of relevant and open grants and opportunities provided by other organizations. This list is updated regularly, but it is not an exhaustive list. If we are missing a useful resource, please let us know.

Charles E. Kaufman Foundation - New Initiative Research Award

Deadline: Apr 26, 2019

The goal of the New Initiative Research Grants is to stimulate existing investigators with strong records of research accomplishments to establish collaborations that facilitate innovative interdisciplinary approaches towards a common research question and that require expertise beyond that of any single researcher. Proposals are required to address basic (fundamental, pure) questions addressing core principals in biology, physics and chemistry or at the disciplinary boundaries between these fields. 

Up to four awards at a maximum of $300,000 over two years.

Nomination for Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Deadline: Jun 10, 2019

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Laureates are Canadian citizens whose outstanding leadership and contributions to medicine and the health sciences, in Canada or abroad, have led to extraordinary improvements in human health. Helath leadership is inclusive of many professions and roles, including researchers. Nominations of Canadians, living or posthumous are encouraged. 

Gene Fusions in Pediatric Sarcomas (R21)

Deadline: Jun 16, 2019

Research grant applications are encouraged to investigate the molecular mechanisms by which oncogenic fusion genes and their gene products contribute to pediatric sarcoma intitation, progression, and metastasis. Better understanding of the molecular pathways activated by chromosomal translocuations in pediatric sarcomas, and their relationship to oncogenesis and tumor progression, can elucidate mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis and potentially lead to novel therapeutics. 

European Chemistry Gold Medal

Deadline: Sep 30, 2019

Every two years, the exceptional achievements of one scientist working in the field of chemistry in Europe will be rewarded. Nominees should be scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the field of chemistry. The Award is not meant to be for lifetime achievements.