Past Symposium Topics

2011 Interactions in Membranes: What, Exactly, Do We Know?
2010 Membrane Biophysics: From Model Systems to Living Cells
2009 Lipid Bilayers and Lipid/Protein Interactions
2008 Probing Specific Lipid-Protein Interactions
2007 Breaking the Barrier with Antimicrobial Peptides
2006 Biological Membrane Fusion: Mechanisms and Intermediates
2005 Relevance of Lipid Bilayer Structure and Dynamics for Biological Function
2004 Looking for Lipid Rafts
2003 Cholesterol
2002 Membrane Protein Folding and Function
2001 The Role of Membranes in Cell Death; Antimicrobial Peptides
2000 Phospholipases and Sphingomyelinases: Enzymology at a Surface
1999 Molecular Aspects of Lipid-Protein Interactions
1998 Viral Fusion Proteins: Progress in Structure and Function
1997 The Physiological Role of Cellular Lipid Transfer Proteins 
1996 Lateral Domains in Biological Membranes and their Functional Consequences
1995 Phospholipases
1994 Transbilayer Lipid Asymmetry in Model Membranes and Biomembranes