Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

Elizabeth Komives, Chair (2015)
Elizabeth Rhoades, Chair-Elect (2016)
Ashok Deniz, Past Chair (2014)

Tanja Mittag, Secretary-Treasurer (2015)
Sarah Bondos, Secretary-Treasurer-Elect (2016)
Elizabeth Rhoades, Past Secretary-Treasurer (2014)

The IDP Subgroup provides a forum for the discussion of intrinsically disordered proteins, with topics including but not limited to experimental and theoretical studies of i) their intrinsically flexible state, ii) the mechanisms of their interactions with each other and with diverse partners including but not limited to structured proteins and nucleic acids, iii) their broadly defined functional roles in biological systems, and iv) their potential involvement in the pathogenesis of conformational and other diseases. The Subgroup invites participants from all scientific disciplines with an interest in broadening our understanding of IDPs, ranging from biophysical studies of individual proteins to genomic and proteomic studies in whole organisms. The Subgroup welcomes participants from all scientific disciplines, from biophysics and structural biology to proteomics and genomics and beyond.


Jianhan Chen (2016)
Richard Kriwacki (2016)
Garegin Papoian (2015) 
Ignacia Echeverria, Postdoc Representative (2016)
Alex Holehouse, Graduate Student Representative (2016)

Program Chairs for 2015
Rohit Pappu, Washington University, St. Louis
Edward Lemke, European Molecular Biology Lab

Past-Program Co-Chairs for 2014
Ben Schuler, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Jianhan Chen, Kansas State University


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