Lisbon Networking Event

Insituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM) 
Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa (FMUL)
Av. Prof. Egas Moniz (Edf Egas Moniz)
Lisbon, Portugal
February 18-20, 2013


Nanomedicine, or nanotechnology applied to medical problems, in the future, is expected to offer solutions on early diagnosis, “smart” treatments, and the triggering of self-healing mechanisms. Artificial nanostructures, such as nanoparticles and nanodevices, similar sized biological entities, can readily interact with biomolecules on both the cell surface and within the cell. Nanomedical developments range from nanoparticles for molecular diagnostics, imaging, and therapy to integrated medical nanosystems, which may perform complex repair actions at the cellular level inside the body in the future.

The European Strategic Research Agenda identifies four future research priorities in the nanomedicine field: i) nanotechnology-based diagnostics; ii) nanotechnology-based imaging; iii) targeted drug delivery and release; and, iv) regenerative medicine. The lectures, with Portuguese and foreign researchers active on this field, will try to give the participants a thorough overview of the latest infor on these four topics, and will be complemented with practical sessions on atomic force microscopy (AFM) and “force spectroscopy,” using the equipment available at IMM.

 For additional information about the event and to register, visit the event website or download the event flyer.


Prof. Nuno C. Santos, IMM/FMUL, Lisbon, Portugal
Dr. Ivo Martins, IMM, Lisbon, Portugal


Nuno C. Santos, IMM/FMUL, Lisbon, Portugal
Miguel Castanho, IMM/FMUL, Lisbon, Portugal
Peter Eaton, FCUP, Porto, Portugal
A. Castanheira Dinis, FMUL, Lisbon, Portugal
Rogério Gaspar, FFUL, Lisbon, Portugal
António Almeida, FFUL, Lisbon, Portugal
Catarina Madeira, IST-UTL, Lisbon, Portugal
Sérgio Simões, Bluepharma, Coimbra, Portugal
Ana Paula Pêgo, INEB, Porto, Portugal
Ricardo Franco, FCT-UNL, Lisbon, Portugal
Pedro Baptista, FCT-UNL, Lisbon, Portugal 
João Pedro Conde, INESC/IST-UTL, Lisbon, Portugal
Patrícia Carvalho, IST-UTL, Lisbon, Portugal 
Guilherme Ferreira, UAlg, Faro, Portugal
Manuela Pereira, Portuguese Biophysical Society, Portugal

Preliminary Program

Monday, February 18, 2013

9:00 AM Nuno C. Santos, IMM/FMUL - Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine
9:30 AM   Miguel Castanho, IMM/FMUL - Atomic Force Microscopy
10:15 AM Peter Eaton, FCUP - AFM Imaging: Practical issues and troubleshooting
11:00 AM Break 
11:30 AM Nuno C. Santos, IMM/FMUL - Force spectroscopy
12:15 PM A. Castanheira Dinis, FMUL - Nanomedicine applications in opthamology
1:15 PM Lunch Break 
2:15 PM Practical Session AFM Imaging - Group 1
3:45 PM Practical Session Force Spectroscopy - Group 1
5:30 PM Practical Session AFM Imaging - Group 2

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

9:00 AM Rogério Gaspar, FFUL - Nanomedicines: Drug delivery at nanoscale, science for healthcare in clinical practice
9:45 AM   António Almeida, FFUL - Targeted drug delivery and controlled release
10:30 AM Break 
11:00 AM Catarina Madeira, IST-UTL - Nanovectors for stem cells modifications: Regenerative Medicine applications
11:45 AM Sérgio Simões, Bluepharma - TBA
12:30 PM Ana Paula Pêgo, INEB - Societal and ethical issues in Regenerative Medicine and Nanomedicine
1:15 PM Lunch Break 
2:15 PM Practical Session Force Spectroscopy - Group 2
3:45 PM Practical Session AFM Imaging - Group 3
5:15 PM Practical Session Force Spectroscopy - Group 3

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

9:00 AM Ricardo Franco, FCT-UNL - Bionanosensors
9:45 AM   Pedro Baptista, FCT-UNL - Nanodiagnostics and Nanotheragnostics
10:30 AM Break 
11:00 AM João Pedro Conde, INESC/IST-UTL - Micro and nanofabrication for in vitro diagnostics
11:45 AM Patrícia Carvalho, IST-UTL - TBA
12:30 PM Guilherme Ferreira, UAlg - TBA
1:15 PM Lunch Break 
2:15 PM Student Presentation (selected from applicant list)
2:45 PM Student Presentation (selected from applicant list)
3:15 PM Manuela Pereira, President, Portuguese Biophysical Society - The benefits of membership to scientific societies

All practical sessions will be led by Filomena Carvalho, IMM FMUL