Permeation & Transport

Olga Boudker, Chair (2016-2018)
Susan Rempe, Vice Chair (2016-2018)
Emad Tajkhorshid, Past Chair (2014-2016)
Ming Zhou, Secretary/ Treasurer (2016-2018)

The Permeation & Transport Subgroup fosters the study of communication about the biophysical mechanisms of permeation and transport of small molecules and biopolymers through cell membranes. Membership in the subgroup is open to all members of the Society. Annually, the subgroup holds a meeting organized by the subgroup Chair, which takes place prior to the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting.


In order to join the Permeation & Transport Subgroup, you must be a member of the Society.

2018 Permeation and Transport Subgroup Symposium 

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