Previous Evening Lecture Information (1985 - Curre

1985 I. Gibbons (Univ. of Hawaii)
The Role of Dynein ATPase in Microtubule-based Motility
1986 Edward D. Korn (NIH)
Structure-Function Studies on the Acanthamoeba Myosin Isoenzymes: Mini-myosins make Mini-Muscles
1987 D.J. DeRosier, (Brandeis Univ.) 
1988 James Spudich (Stanford Univ.) 
Myosin Structure and Function Explored by in vitro Movement Assays and Molecular Genetics
1989 Ralph Yount (Washington State Univ.)
Protein Psychiatry: Glimpse into the Heads of Myosin
1990 Thomas Pollard (Johns Hopkins Univ.) 
New Functions for Cytoplasmic Contractile Proteins
1991 K. Campbell (Univ. of Iowa) 
Function Aspects of Dystrophin
1992 Evening Speaker: Toshio Yanagida (Osaka Univ.) 
Subgroup Chairs: Joseph Chalovich (East Carolina Univ.) and David Warshaw (Univ. Vermont)
1993 Andrew Somlyo (Univ. of Virginia)
Excitation-Contraction Coupling, Contractile Regulation and the Cross-Bridge Cycle in Real Muscle
1994 Henry Epstein (Baylor College of Medicine)
Critical Processes in Early Muscle Development
1995 Susan Lowey (Brandeis Univ.)
Light Chains Revisited
1996 Clara Franzini-Armstrong (Univ. of Penn)
Structural Basis of E-C Coupling
1997 Ken Holmes (Max-Planck Inst)
How Myosin Works!
1998 Thomas Pollard (The Salk Inst for Biological Studies)
Can Kinetics and Mass Action Account for the Dynamics of the Actin Cytoskeleton?
1999 Carolyn Cohen (Brandeis Univ.) 
Myosin and More
2000 Hugh Huxley (Brandeis Univ.)
Trying to Understand How Muscles Contract
2001 Bob Simmons (Kings College, UK)
What Single Molecules are Trying to Tell Us
2002 Edwin Taylor (Univ. of Chicago)
Theme and Variations
2003 Steven M. Block (Stanford Univ.)
E Pur Si Muove
2004 Yale E. Goldman (Univ. of Penn)
Myosin Motors: The Original Smart Machines that Conserve Renewable
Energy & Balance the Budget
2005 John Kendrick-Jones (MRC)
Probing the Roles of Myosin VI in Membrane Dynamics and Transport Pathways in Cells
2006 H. Lee Sweeney (Univ. of Penn)
Myosin VI: A Kinesin Among Myosins


Jim Sellers (NIH/NHLBI)
Touch your Toes! The Key to Myosin Regulation


Roger Cooke (UCSF)
A Random Walk through the Field of Motor Proteins


Professor Kazuo Sutoh (Univ of Tokyo, Japan)
The Old but Still Mysterious Motor Protein