Motility & Cytoskeleton Subgroup Bylaws

Article 1
Name: The name of this Subgroup is the Motility and Cytoskeleton Subgroup

Article 2
Objective: The purpose of this Subgroup is to advance and disseminate knowledge regarding the molecular functions and mechanisms of the cellular cytoskeleton and its associated motile and non-motile proteins, and the role of motion-generating processes in cells, tissue and whole organ function.

Article 3
Member: A Motility Subgroup member is any Society member who submits his/her name to the Society and has paid his/her dues for the current year

Article 4
Dues: Dues will be assessed to cover expenses related to operation of the Motility Subgroup and will be collected by the Society

Article 5
Meetings: The annual Motility Subgroup meeting and business meeting will be held in connection with the Annual Biophysical Society Meeting. Elections will be held during the business portion of the Motility Subgroup Meeting and other business may be transacted by the members of the Subgroup at this time.

Article 6
Officers: The officers of the Subgroup will be two Subgroup Chairs and two Chairs-Elect. The Chairs-Elect shall serve as such for one year beginning immediately after the annual meeting in which they are elected and will serve as Chairs the following year. Only Motility Subgroup members are eligible for election as officers.

Article 7
Operation: The Subgroup will be run by the two Subgroup Chairs. Duties of the Chairs include organizing and conducting the annual Motility Subgroup meeting, apprising the Biophysical Society of the activities and needs of the Subgroup, advising the Society on matters related to biological motility, promoting and overseeing the student research award (SRAA) competition, and participating in activities that benefit the Subgroup and Society.

Article 8
Nominations: Nominations for Motility Subgroup Chairs-Elect shall be received from the floor during the business portion of the annual Subgroup meeting or by e-mail or letter up to two weeks prior to the annual meeting. The subgroup chairs will select an Awards Committee Chair to a two-year term. The Awards Committee Chair will create an Awards committee from past fellows and award winners to assemble nomination packets of Motility Subgroup members.

Article 9
Elections: Elections shall be held during the business portion of the annual meeting. The two nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be elected.

Article 10
Amendments to the Bylaws: Proposals for new or amended bylaws shall be submitted to one of the Chairs for consideration at the annual business meeting. Changes in the bylaws require a majority vote at the annual business meeting.