Motility & Cytoskeleton

Erika Holzbaur, Co-Chair Elect (2017)
Joe Muretta, Co-Chair Elect (2017) 
Carolyn Moores , Co-Chair Elect (2018)
Kristen Verhey , Co-Chair Elect (2018)
Arne Gennerich, Past Co-Chair (2016)
Charles Sindelar, Past Co-Chair (2016)

The mission of the Motility and Cytoskeleton Subgroup is to understand the basic mechanisms that underlie motility and contractility of biological systems. These processes are ultimately the result of molecular motors that convert chemical energy stored in ATP into mechanical energy that drives, for example, cell motility, cytokinesis and muscle contraction. The structure and function of the motor families myosin, kinesin and dynein are frequent topics of the annual meetings of the subgroup. Areas of focus also include the regulatory proteins that control the activity of motors and the cytoskeleton, which provides a structural framework within which the motors operate.


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