Thomas E. Thompson Award

The Thomas E. Thompson award recognizes an outstanding contribution in the field of membrane structure and assembly.

The deadline for nominations is July 1. The award will be presented at the Membrane Structure and Assembly Subgroup (MSAS) symposium. The winner will receive a $1000 cash prize and will be invited to present an award lecture at the symposium.

Goals of the Award: Promote excellence in research in membrane structure and assembly. Increase the visibility of MSAS members within the Biophysical Society. Celebrate the legacy of Thomas E. Thompson, a pioneer in the field of membrane structure and assembly, and a former president of the Biophysical Society and Editor-in-Chief of the Biophysical Journal.

Eligibility: Nominee must have made an exceptional contribution to our understanding of membrane structure and assembly. Nominee must have an active research program. Preference will be given to mid-career researchers who have not previously been recognized by a Biophysical Society award. Nominee must be a member of the MSAS.

Nomination packets must include the following:
  • A nomination letter from a MSAS member
  • Two supporting letters
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae
Selection Committee:
  • The selection committee will consist of the current MSAS Chair, the past Chair and the Chair-elect.
  • If a member of the committee excuses him or herself because of a conflict of interest, the Chair, in consultation with the former Chair and the Chair-elect, will replace him or her by another former Chair.
  • If the three-member committee finds it necessary, the committee can be expanded to five members with additional former Chairs.
Send inquiries and nominations to Tobias Baumgart ( by July 1, 2017.


Past Awardees

2017 Peter Tielman, University of Calgary
2016 Karen Fleming, Johns Hopkins University
2015 Scott Feller, Wabash College
2014 Sarah Keller, University of Washington
2013 Bill Wimley, Tulane University