Biopolymers in vivo

Patricia Clark, Chair (2018) 
Simon Ebbinghaus, Chair-Elect (2019) 
Gary Pielak, Past Chair (2017)

Daryl Eggers, Secretary-Treasurer (2015-2019)

The purpose of this subgroup is to create a forum to discuss biophysical properties and function of biomolecules in cells and cell-like conditions, and to develop experimental and computational approaches to study these phenomena. The subgroup invites participants from all scientific disciplines with an interest in broadening our understanding of biophysical processes in cells, using approaches ranging from biophysical studies of biomolecules in vitro and in silico to experiments performed in living cells and beyond. We believe that this is a timely and emerging field of high importance for all aspects of biophysics.

Although biopolymers such as proteins and nucleic acids are the workhorses of the cell, our knowledge about how they behave in cells is limited. One reason for this shortcoming is that the microenvironments inside cells and in cell membranes (and in extracellular spaces of multi-cellular organisms) are extremely complex, with macromolecules together occupying as much as 40% of volume but with the composition of macromolecules highly heterogeneous and constantly changing.

The name of our subgroup, "Biopolymers in vivo," was voted and approved at the 2011 BPS Meeting. We will continue to host a business meeting and a subgroup dinner and organize a symposium on the Saturday before the Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society. Everyone is encouraged to become a member of this subgroup and to attend the subgroup’s Saturday events. 

Program Co-Chairs
Dora Tang (2018)
Allan Drummond (2018)

Members at Large
Anne Gershenson (2017-2020)
Zoya Ignatova (2016-2019)
Elijah Roberts (2015-2018)

Student Representative

Rayna Addabbo (2017)

The Subgroup is thrilled to announce the winner of the 2018  Junior Faculty Award!

Allan Drummond, University of Chicago

In order to join the Biopolymers in vivo Subgroup, you must be a member of the Society.

2018 Biopolymers in vivo Subgroup Symposium

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