Junior Faculty Award

The purpose of the Award is to boost the visibility of a beginning faculty member whose research and recent achievements focus on cutting-edge investigation of biomolecular processes in living organisms. The research can involve computation, theory or experiment. The winner will present a featured talk at the 2017 Biopolymers in Vivo subgroup symposium in New Orleans.

Candidates must be a member of the subgroup and be employed by a research university at the tenure-track assistant professor level. The Award comprises a plaque and a check for $2000 to be awarded at our symposium. There are no additional reimbursements.

Candidates must submit a cover letter that includes a short statement about the significance of their past research accomplishments, a one-page outline of current and future research plans with their "research vision", a two-page curriculum vitae, including a list of publications, and a letter of support from their department head. These items should be sent as a single pdf file to Biopolymers.in.vivo.subgroup@gmail.com.  Each candidate must also arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent by the recommenders to the above address.

The deadline for applications is July 1. The BIV officers will comprise the committee to discuss the applications and select a winner. The result will be announced in August, in time for the winner to submit an award abstract.