Membership Directory

What better way to reach all of our members all year long! The Biophysical Society publishes its Annual Membership Directory and Product Guide every August. The Directory provides members’ contact information, as well as a breakdown according to geographical areas and product categories. The Membership Directory is an added benefit to our members and a big plus for you, the advertiser.

The BPS Membership Directory and Product Guide are excellent advertising tools for you to consider. Both are referred to throughout the year by our members who represent over a billion dollars in NIH funding as well as additional funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Government Stimulus package). All orders placed by June 30, 2014 will appear in the 2014 printed guide. Orders placed after June 30, 2014 will appear in the 2015 printed guide.

To purchase an advertisment, please use the NEW Online Product Guide

For questions concerning advertising in the Membership Directory, please contact the Sales and Exhibits Manager at 240-290-5609 or