Summer Research Program in Biophysics

Chapel Hill, NC

This program will not be offered in 2018. The Society is seeking funding for a revamped program for 2019.

This 11-week scholarship program hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, introduces underrepresented* students  to the field of biophysics. The program includes lectures, seminars, lab work, team-building activities and field trips. The Summer Research Program is designed to reflect a graduate-level research program. Students who are US citizens or permanent residents and who have a strong quantitative background in basic or applied sciences are encouraged to apply.

All tuition and fees during the program are covered. Participants also receive travel assistance, and a stipend for meals and living expenses throughout the summer.

Check out the the Summer Program Director's post on the BPS Blog and read what a Summer Program alumnus has to say about how the program prepared her for success. You can also read about the experiences of previous program participants here, here, and here

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Required application materials:

  • Complete online application, which includes items below
  • Personal statement, addressing how the Course fits into your future plans, what you will bring to the program, and your eligibility
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation and completed evaluation forms (both can be emailed to The evaluation form can be downloaded during the application process)
  • Proof of US citizenship or permanent residency (Passport, Permanent Residency Card, or birth certificate)

For information about Summer Course faculty, visit the UNC-Chapel Hill Biochemistry & Biophysics faculty research page. For questions about the program, contact the Society office at 240-290-5600.

Course includes:

  • Lectures & seminars from faculty across the country
  • Mentored lab research experience
  • Team-building activities & field trips
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • GRE & MCAT Preperation
  • Numerous networking opportunities

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Studying quantitative science: chemistry, physics, biochemistry, engineering, or computer science (required)
  • 2 semesters of biology (preferred)
  • 2 semesters of calculus-level physics (preferred)
  • 3.0 cumulative or higher GPA in science courses (preferred)

Past Courses

2017  |  2016   |   2015   |   2014   |    2013   |    2012   |   2011   |   2010   |   2009   |   2008

*Financially disadvantaged individuals, students with disabilities, and individuals who have been found to be underrepresented in biomedical or behavioral research are eligible to apply. Nationally, these individuals include, but are not limited to: African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans/Alaska Natives who maintain tribal affiliation or community attachment, Hawaiian Natives and natives of the US Pacific Islands. Individuals with disabilities are defined as those with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

The Biophysical Society Summer Course in Biophysics: Case Studies in the Physics of Life is funded by The National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health. [2 T36GM075791]