No two biophysicists have the same story. Read about the many ways to be a biophysicist. 


Racing To the Finish Line With Cures For Neglected Diseases


Rommie Amaro

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Making a Difference by Daring to be Different


Ivet Bahar

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Metals, Electron Transfer, and Signaling in Cells


Jacqueline K. Barton

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Doing Research at the Doors of Patagonia


Cecilia Bouzat

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Enjoying the Work


Sean Decatur

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From Ballet to Biophysics


Candice Etson

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DNA Double Helix and Beyond


Rosalind Franklin

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Serendipity and Shine Along the Way


Frauke Graeter

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An Elite Club


Taviare Hawkins

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A Gentle Iconoclast


Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin

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Targeting Interesting and Important Problems Leads to Major Discoveries in Neurobiology


Lily Jan

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Exploring the Nature of Sound and Motion


Jolene Johnson

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Remembering a Protein Folding Trailblazer


Susan Lindquist

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Chasing Proteins to Save Lives


Marina Ramirez-Alvarado

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Following a Passion for Research and Teaching


Yadilette Rivera-Colón

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An Unconventional Path


Carol Robinson

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Paying It Forward


Devarajan (Dave) Thirumalai

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From Village Fool to Nobel Prize Winner


Ada Yonath

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The Nobel Prize and Biophysics

Biophysics research has been at the heart of the research that was the basis for several Nobel Prizes over the past 60 years. In some cases, the work was entirely biophysics, in others, a biophysicist’s research in conjunction with scientists in other fields has resulted in truly wonderful breakthroughs. Biophysics research has been honored with Nobel Prizes for Chemistry, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine.

Nobel Laureates who won for biophysical research:

Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, Chemistry, 2016
Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Chemistry, 2016
Bernard L. Feringa, Chemistry, 2016
Eric Betzig, Chemistry, 2014
Stefan W. Hell, Chemistry 2014
William E. Moerner, Chemistry 2014
Edvard I. Moser, Physiology or Medicine 2014
James E. Rothman, Physiology or Medicine 2013
Thomas C. Südhof, Physiology or Medicine 2013
Martin Karplus, Chemistry 2013
Michael Levitt, Chemistry 2013
Arieh Warshel, Chemistry 2013
Brian K. Kobilka, Chemistry 2012
Dan Shechtman, Chemistry 2011
Thomas A. Steitz, Chemistry 2009
Ada E. Yonath, Chemistry 2009
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Chemistry 2009
Jack W. Szostak, Physiology or Medicine 2009
Roger Y. Tsien, Chemistry 2008
Roger D. Kornberg, Chemistry, 2006
Roderick MacKinnon, Chemistry 2003
Paul C. Lauterbur, Physiology or Medicine 2003
Robert Horvitz, Physiology or Medicine 2002 H.
Kurt Wüthrich, Chemistry 2002
Paul Greengard (PHD in biophysics), Physiology or Medicine 2000
Paul D. Boyer, Chemistry 1997
John E. Walker, Chemistry 1997
Steven Chu, Physics 1997
Martin Rodbell, Physiology or Medicine 1994
Michael Smith, Chemistry 1993
Richard R. Ernst, Chemistry 1991
Erwin Neher, Physiology or Medicine 1991
Aaron Klug, Chemistry 1982
Walter Gilbert, Chemistry 1980
Frederick Sanger, Chemistry 1980 and 1958
Gerald M. Edelman, Physiology or Medicine 1972
Rodney R. Porter, Physiology or Medicine 1972
Christian B. Anfinsen, Chemistry 1972
Stanford Moore, Chemistry 1972
William H. Stein, Chemistry 1972
Robert W. Holley, Physiology or Medicine 1968
Har Gobind Khorana, Physiology or Medicine 1968
Marshall W. Nirenberg, Physiology or Medicine 1968
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Chemistry 1964
Max Ferdinand Perutz, Chemistry 1962
John Cowdery Kendrew, Chemistry 1962