US Genomics Award

2011 US Genomics Awardee:
Toshio Yanagida
Osaka University

Past Awardees:
2010: Jane Clarke
2009: Julio M. Fernandez
2008: Steven M. Block
2007: Howard C. Berg
2006: James A. Spudich

Awarded 2006-2011.

This Annual Award was established to recognize an exceptional researcher for seminal contributions to the field of Single Molecule Biology (SMB). This award recognizes work advancing the field of SMB as demonstrated through innovative research, publications, and other accomplishments related to detailing the properties, characteristics, or behavior of individual biomolecules.

The award is designed to elevate awareness and interest in the field of SMB and to enhance appreciation of the problems it addresses as well as the solutions it offers. It is intended to encourage and promote work in this area of biophysics, and importantly, to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and application of SMB approaches by elevating appreciation of SMB principles among scientists across research fields.