International Grants

The Society's International Relations Committee provides grants to promote and facilitate the organization of and attendance at practical biophysical courses in countries experiencing financial need. Funds are provided for workshops and meetings organized by Society members, which are held in countries in need or in nearby countries where organizers will use the funds to help students from countries in need attend the meeting. Funds must be used to provide support to students and early career researchers. 

Requests for support will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Funds must be used to support meetings held in developing countries or to help students from countries in need attend the meetings
  • Frontier theme of workshop or meeting
  • Biophysics program organization
  • Excellence and productivity of proposed speakers
  • Number of students participating in program
  • Balance between international and local speakers
  • Matching funds
  • Facilities
  • Explanation of how the Society's support will be acknowledged

Application documents:

A letter containing information on all of the above aspects and the course program.

Applications for International Grants should be sent to:

Chair, International Relations Committee
Biophysical Society

Applications are evaluated by the Biophysical Society International Relations Committee.