Committee for Inclusion and Diversity (CID)

Committee Members

Marina Ramirez-Alvarado, Chair (2019) Alemayehu Gorfe (2018)
Stephen Abini-Agbomson (2018) Kim Ha (2020)
Julia Bourg (2020)Eda Koculi (2018)
Otonye Braide (2020) Santiago Schnell (2019)
Samuel Cho (2020) Ben Stottrup (2019)
Daryl Eggers (2020) Kandice Tanner (2020)
 Candice Etson (2019)  Lipi Thurkral (2020)
 Ernesto Fuentes (2020)Michael Jarstfer, Summer Program Co-PI
 Ruben Gonzalez (2019)
Dorothy Erie, Summer Program Co-PI


The Committee for Inclusion and Diversity's, formerly the Minority Affairs Committee (MAC), charge is to increase the number of underrepresented biophysicists and enhance the visibility and career opportunities of existing underrepresented biophysicists, and to involve them in Society affairs. The Committee aims to foster a community for underrepresented biophysicists primarily through activities at the Annual Meeting and through the Summer Program. Outreach to young underrepresented students is achieved through participation at the scientific conferences for underrepresented students.