Bioenergetics Subgroup 2017 Symposium
Saturday, February 11, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana
9:00 AM- 7:00 PM
Room R01

9:00 AM
Subgroup Co-chairs: Elizabeth Jonas, Yale University, and George Porter, Jr., University of Rochester

Morning Symposium: High Resolution Structure, Function and Dynamics of Mitochondrial Proteins
Program ChairsNelli Mnatsakanyan, Yale University, and Shelagh Ferguson-Miller, Michigan State University, 

9:10 AM
Near-neighbor relationships of the atypical subunits that form the peripheral stalk of the mitochondrial ATP synthase in chlorophycean algae
Diego Gonzalez-Halphen, National Autonomous University of Mexico

9:40 AM
The Mechanism of Proton Pumping by Respiratory Complex I
Ulrich Brandt, Radboud Center for Mitochondrial Medicine, The Netherlands

10:10 AM 
Mitochondrial Metabolism Determines the Spatio-Temporal Organization
of Single f1fo Atp Synthase in Live Human Cells
Karin Busch, Westfaelische Wilhelms University, Muenster, Germany

10:40 AM Coffee Break

11:00 AM
Mitochondrial DNA replication, Twinkle.
Maria Sola, Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona, Spain

11:30 AM
Probing the Regulatory and Transport Mechanism of Mitochondrial Carriers with Thermostability Shift Assays
Edmund Kunji, MRC-Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge, United Kingdom

12:00 PM
Pore Architecture and Ion Selectivity Filter of the Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter
James Chou, Harvard University

12:30 PM Lunch Break

2:15 Presentation of the Young Bioenergetics Award Winner

Mitochondrial Redox Regulation in Health and Disease
Program Chairs: Pablo Peixoto, Baruch College, CUNY, and Michelangelo Campanella, University of London, United Kingdom

2:30 PM
Reversing Electron Transport in Ischemia and Beyond
Paul Brookes, University of Rochester Medical Center

3:00 PM 
Signaling by Cardiolipins: Re-Location and Re-Doxing in Mitochondria
Valerian Kagan, University of Pittsburgh

3:30 PM Coffee Break

3:50 PM
Redox Regulation of Cytochrome C Oxidase Assembly
Atoni Barrientos, University of Miami

4:20 PM
Mitochondrial Production of ROS: Deviations from the "Standard Model"
Anatoly Starkov, Cornell University

5:00 PM General Discussion and Business Meeting

7:00 PM Subgroup Dinner