Zev Bryant, Stanford University, Subgroup Chair 

Molecular Biophysics Subgroup 2015 Symposium
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Baltimore, Maryland

Dynamics of Macromolecular Machines and Assemblies

9:15 AM       

Opening Remarks 

9:30 AM

James Berger, Johns Hopkins University
Bending, Twisting, Popping: Protein and Nucleic-Acid Remodeling by ATP-Dependent Machines and Switches

10:00 AM 

Terence Strick, CNRS/University Paris Diderot, France
Single-Molecule Analysis of Nucleotide Excision Repair Pathways 

10:30 AM 

Yann Chemla, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Direct Observation of Structure-Function Relationships in Nucleic Acid Processing Enzymes

11:00 AM 

Coffee Break

11:15 AM 

Subgroup Business Meeting

11:30 AM 

Eric Greene, Columbia University
Visualizing Homologous Recombination at the Single-Molecule Level Using DNA Curtains 

12:00 PM 

Tanja Kortemme, University of California, San Francisco 
Talk title to be announced

12:30 PM 

Gregory Alushin, NIH
Visualizing the Structural Plasticity of the Cytoskeleton 

1:00 PM 

Nikta Fakhri, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
High-Resolution Mapping of Intracellular Fluctuations Using Carbon Nanotubes 

1:30 PM Concluding Remarks