Baron Chanda, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Subgroup Chair

Membrane Biophysics Subgroup 2015 Symposium
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Baltimore, Maryland

50 Years of MWC: A Modern Perspective of Allostery in Ion Channels

1:00 PM       

Opening Remarks by the Chair 

1:05 PM 

Richard Aldrich, University of Texas, Austin
Society of General Physiologists Lecture
Coupled Conformational Changes and Allostery in Channel Gating

1:35 PM 

Pierre-Jean Corringer, Pasteur Institute, France
Allosteric Mutant Phenotypes Investigated on an α1 Glycine Receptor Transmembrane Structure

2:05 PM 

Hiro Furukawa, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Structural Analysis of NMDA Receptor 

2:35 PM 

Anthony Auerbach, State University of New York, Buffalo
Thermodynamics of AChR Activation

3:05 PM 

Subgroup Business Meeting and Coffee Break 

3:40 PM 

José Faraldo Gómez, NIH
Novel Insights into the Structure and Mechanism of Proton and Sodium/Calcium Exchangers 

4:10 PM 

Rachelle Gaudet, Harvard University
Structural Determinants of TRPV Channel Activation and Modulation 

4:40 PM 

Brad Rothberg, Temple University
Conformational Motions of K+ Channel RCK Domains 

5:10 PM David Yue Memorial Event
5:25 PM Conclusion
6:00 PM Cole Award and Dinner