Permeation & Transport

Crina Nimigean, Weill Cornell Medical College, Subgroup Chair

Permeation & Transport Subgroup 2012 Symposium
Saturday, February 25, 2012
San Diego, California

1:30 Eduardo Perozo, University of Chicago
A Molecular Mechanism of Activation-Deactivation Gating in the Mg2+-dependent Mg2+ Channel Cora

2:05 Liang Shi, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Postdoc Research Highlight: An Alternative View of the Voltage Sensor Domains in Membranes

2:30 Cees Dekker, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Single-Molecule Transport Across an Individual Biomimetic Nuclear Pore Complex

3:05 Kelli Kazmier, Vanderbilt University
Student Research Highlight: Intracellular Dynamics of LeuT

3:30 Da-Neng Wang, New York University
A Protein from the Beginning of Life: Identification and Structure Determination of a Bacterial Hydrosulfide Ion Channel

4:00 Subgroup Business Meeting

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