Biopolymers in vivo

Margaret Cheung, University of Houston, Subgroup Chair

Biopolymers in Vivo Subgroup 2012 Symposium
Saturday, February 25, 2012
San Diego, California

10:00 AM Subgroup Business Meeting

1:00 PM Subgroup Symposium: Bridging in Vivo and in Vitro Studies

1:00 Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, Umea University, Sweden
Introduction & Welcome

1:05 Gary Pielak, University of North Carolina
Introduction of Keynote Speaker 

1:10 Tom Record, University of Wisconsin (Keynote Speaker)
Separating Excluded Volume and Chemical Effects of PEG on DNA Helix Formation

2:00 Christine Keating, Pennsylvania State University
Phase-separating Aqueous Polymer Solutions as Simple Experimental Models for Cytoplasm

2:30 Sarah Woodson, Johns Hopkins University
RNA Folding in Crowded Solutions

3:00 Coffee Break

3:30 Fred Etoc, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, 
Postdoc Talk: Magnetic Manipulation of Signaling "Hotspots" inside Living Cells Shows Context-Dependent Amplification of the RAC Pathway

3:45 Sangjin Kim, Yale University
Postdoc Talk: Probing Spatial Organization of MRNA in Bacterial Cells Using 3D Super-Resolution Microscopy

4:00 Huan-Xiang Zhou, Florida State University
Atomistic Simulations of Protien Folding and Binding Under Crowding

4:30 Gary Pielak, University of North Carolina
Understanding Protein and RNA Biophysics in Cells

5:00 Terence Hwa, University of California, San Diego
Bacterial Growth Laws, Ribosome Allocation, and Proteome Partition

7:00 PM, Subgroup Dinner

The Biopolymers in vivo Subgroup is grateful for the generous support from the National Science Foundation (PHY 1148598).

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