Jane Richardson


Lukas Tamm



 Jane S. Richardson of Duke University Medical Center was elected President-Elect of the Biophysical Society. She will assume that office at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. Her term as President will begin at the 2012 Annual Business Meeting in San Diego. Lukas K. Tamm of the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center was elected Secretary.  His four-year term will begin July 1, 2011. Seven Society members were elected to Council, each for a three-year term beginning at the 2011 Annual Meeting. They are (pictured below) Karen Fleming, Johns Hopkins University; Dorothy Hanck, University of Chicago; Amy Harkins, St. Louis University Medical School; Peter Hinterdorfer, University of Linz; Marjorie Longo, University of California, Davis; Gail Robertson, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Claudia Veigel, National Institute for Medical Research, Germany.

 Karen Fleming

Dorothy Hanck

Amy Harkins
Peter Hinterdorfer

Marjorie Longo

Gail Robertson
  Claudia Veigel

    A record 29% of eligible members cast their ballots for this year’s slate of candidates.  The Society is indebted to all candidates who ran in this elections and to the members who voted.

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