2014 Society Fellows Named

The Biophysical Society congratulates the eight named 2014 Fellows of the Biophysical Society. This award honors the Society’s distinguished members who have demonstrated excellence in science, contributed to the expansion of the field of biophysics, and supported the Biophysical Society. The 2014 Fellows will be honored at the 58th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California. They are:

Barbara Baird, Cornell University, for developing integrated biophysical approaches to elucidate molecular mechanisms of cellular responses.Benoit Roux, University of Chicago, for his fundamental contributions to theoretical and computational biophysics through groundbreaking discoveries in the central field of biological membranes.
Michael Brown, University of Arizona, for his theoretical and experimental contributions to the field of membrane biophysics using NMR relaxation in lipid bilayers.Michael Sheetz, Columbia University, for his groundbreaking discoveries regarding motor mediated motility and mechanotransduction by cells at the single molecule level.
Lila Gierasch, University of Massachusetts, for her pioneering contributions to the understanding of the physical forces underlying protein folding.Devarajan Thirumalai, University of Maryland, for his use of computational and theoretical models to understand the principles of RNA and protein folding, function, and dynamics.
Karolin Luger, Colorado State University, for her seminal contributions to the structure function analysis of chromatin biology.David Warshaw, University of Vermont College of Medicine, for his substantial contributions to the understanding of the mechanics and regulation of smooth muscle and cardiac disease at the single molecule level.