Congratulations to the two IDP Postdoctoral Research Award winners, Xu Wang, University of Texas-Houston Medical School, and Abhinav Nath, Yale University. Each received a $500 prize and presented a talk at the subgroup symposium, which took place, February 2, 2013.

At the annual business meeting, Doug Barrick completed his term as Subgroup Chair and Ashok Deniz took over. Elizabeth Rhoades began as Secretary-Treasurer. The subgroup chose Elizabeth Komives as Subgroup Chair-elect and Tanja Mittag as Secretary-Treasurer-elect. Garyk Papoian was elected to a three-year term as council member. The Subgroup also elected two new junior officers: Lauren Ann Metskas, Yale University, as theGraduate Student Representative, and Rahul Das, Washington University, St. Louis, as Postdoctoral Representative.

This year’s symposium was organized by Ursula Jakob and Garyk Papoian around the theme of Functional Roles of Protein Disorder. Ben Schuler and Jianhan Chen were chosen by the subgroup to organize the 2014 symposium.

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