Learning and Collaboration at Local Networking Events

The first five Society-sponsored networking events of 2013 took place in February, March, and April. All the events were hugely succes

Lisbon, Portugal

The Portugal Networking Event, hosted by BPS members Ivo Martins and Nuno Santos, took place February 18–20 at the Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM). Nearly 50 PhD and medical school students attended the event, listening to 13 speakers lecturing on four topics in the nanomedicine field. Attendees got real hands-on experience while making collaborative connections with the lecturers.

 Columbia, Missouri

The Missouri Symposium in Biophysics II: Membrane Proteins, hosted by BPS members Peter Cornish and Gavin King, took place on March 10–11 at the University of Missouri. This event had 111 attendees and featured presentations by leaders in characterization of membrane protein structure and function.







 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Networking Event, hosted by BPS Member Melanie Phelan, took place at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) on March 23. With 45 attendees, the event featured two keynote speakers, Dilano Saldin and Peter Geissinger, and a student speaker. Attendees were also given a tour of the MSOE labs and were able to ask questions of individuals who worked in the different labs.


 New York, New York

Sense to Synapse: Biophysical and Molecular Mechanisms of Perception, hosted by BPS Member Adema Ribic, took place on April 11 at Columbia University. Seven keynote speakers lectured on sensory systems, as well presentations selected from abstract submitters. Nearly 100 students, postdocs, and faculty members from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut attended the event. For more information on future networking events in your area, visit www.biophysics.org/MembershipSubgroups/NetworkingEvents/tabid/2930/Default.aspx.
































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