Molecular Biophysics

Philip Kukura, Chair (2018)
Maria Spies, Chair-elect (2019)
Yann Chemla, Past Chair (2017)
Lisa Jones, Secretary/Treasurer (2016)

The Molecular Biophysics Subgroup is comprised of about 300 members with interests that span all areas of molecular biophysics. In particular these areas include:

  • structures, conformational switching, and deformational dynamics of biological macromolecules and their supramolecular assemblies.
  • thermodynamics and kinetics of the processes that these macromolecules undergo, such as DNA replication, protein synthesis, self-assembly, self-organization, molecular recognition and binding, signaling, catalysis, and metabolic control.
  • responses of biological macromolecular systems to various imposed perturbations, such as (a) changes in temperature, ligand concentration, ionic strength, water activity, solvent polarity, hydrostatic pressure, osmotic pressure of volume-exclusion agents, denaturant concentration, and mutation of the primary sequence, (b) electric, magnetic, electromagnetic and hydrodynamic flow fields, and (c) stretching, bending and torsional strain.
  • diffusive, field-induced, and convective transport of both small and large molecules under various conditions, or through various media or channels of biophysical, biochemical or biological relevance.
  • experimental methods (physical, molecular biological, and chemical) that are used to isolate and characterize biological macromolecules and assess their relevant properties, or to achieve particular assembly or folding targets.
  •  theoretical and computational methods used to interpret previous results and future experiments.
    Annually, the subgroup holds a topical symposium, which is organized by the current subgroup chair.

In order to join the Molecular Biophysics Subgroup, you must be a member of the Society.

2018 Molecular Biophysics Subgroup Symposium 

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