Membrane Structure & Assembly

Rumiana Dimova, Chair (2017)
Anne Kenworthy, Past Chair (2016)

The Membrane Structure and Assembly Subgroup (MSAS) promotes and advances knowledge about the biophysical properties of lipids, membranes, and membrane-associated molecules, including membrane proteins. As such, its mission is to provide an intellectual home base for its members as the Biophysical Society continues to rapidly grow and expand its realms of interests. To do so, the MSAS sponsors a popular Saturday Symposium at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting. The MSAS also maintains an e-mail list for communication with its members. The MSAS is led by an Advisory Committee consisting of the past chair, the present chair, and the chair-elect.

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MSAS Dues: $15/year  (In order to join a Subgroup, you must be a member of the Society.)

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