Introducing Biophysics to High Schools

Universidad de Concepción
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
May 16, 2012
9:00 AM1:00 PM

This event is organized for students interested in physics who are in their last two years of high school and from the BIO-BIO region. The objective is to show the students how the application of physical principles allowed the exploration of new frontiers in Biology, Medicine, Environmental Sciences, and in knowledge of the world in general. 


9:30 AM Opening of the activity. Welcome words
  Dr. Marta Bunster B.  
9:35 AM

Remote sensing

 Jorge Félez Bernal
Centro EULA
10:10 AM Clinical diagnosis by physical methods  Dr. José Martínez Oyanedel  Mol. Biophysics Lab
10:45 AM
Biophysics in the daily life  Dr. Juan Pablo Staforelli  CEFOP
11:15 AM Visit to laboratories arround Campus    
12:15 PM Plenary lecture  Carlos Saavedra
1:00 PM
Closing remarks    


Organization and coordination:






- Marta Bunster


- José Martínez-Oyanedel
- María José Gallardo


Graduate students from the Doctoral and Master Program of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, Universidad de Concepción.