Membrane Biophysics

Teresa Giraldez, Chair (2017)
Jose Feraldo-Gomez, Chair-Elect (2018)
Alessio Accardi, Past-Chair (2016)
Christopher Ahern, Secretary-Treasurer (2015-2017) 
Mike White, Past Secretary-Treasurer (2012-2014)

The Membrane Biophysics Subgroup promotes the exchange of ideas and information pertaining to the study of biological membranes. Subgroup members pursue research in a variety of areas including the structure, function and regulation of channels and transporters, ligand-receptor interactions, signal transduction mechanisms, protein trafficking and secretory mechanisms. Each year the subgroup sponsors a symposium highlighting an area of membrane biophysics. The symposium is followed by a dinner at which the K.S. Cole Award in Membrane Biophysics is presented to a person who is deemed to have made seminal contributions to the field, followed by a short address by the recipient. Membership in the subgroup is open to all members of the Biophysical Society.

2016 Kenneth S. Cole Awardee: Roderick MacKinnon, Rockefeller University

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Dues and Cole Award Dinner: $65 for members, $50 for students
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